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自2010年起,八歲的Evelyn Howe便跟隨家人和慈恩基金會往內地探訪,經歷和感受,與大家分享。



Introduction from her father:

Evelyn is the daughter of the Howe’s, a long-standing, generous, supportive and benevolent family of Grace Charity.  Since 2010, when she was only 8, she has been participating in voluntary work together with her family.  Her work extends from school visits to home visits of university sponsorship candidates in various prefectures of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan.  During these years, she has built up many fond memories, valuable experiences, recollections and reflections in meeting kids similar to her age as well as those more senior in those places.  All these have gradually culminated in a Powerpoint presentation which Evelyn is so kind to share with us.

Happy reading and enjoy!


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2015 尖東籌款核數報告


2015 尖東籌款核數報告

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